The mission of Waldzell is to inspire people who seek to connect topics and areas of their lives, which at first view are not related in order to find the way back to their natural wholeness. Waldzell motivates visionaries who have realized that, because of our traditional points of view, we will be unable to solve the problems we are confronted with. Together we seek to find the courage to let go of old-fashioned attitudes and issues and pursue new paths in order to be open for a new history – a history of joy, peace and love.

The vision of Waldzell is a New Earth, where all people are living in harmony and sisterhood with themselves, with all beings, with our earth and with the origin of life. Where we think and act out of this insight that we are all connected and out of trust into the fullness of life. Through bringing together people, who authentically follow this perspective Waldzell shall be a nucleus for a new way of living.

The Waldzell Meetings established a sound platform for a set of visionary people who deal with questions that are beyond our daily-life concerns in order to develop a more holistic view of the world. The Waldzell Leadership Institute is intended to convey this idea in a new format.

The tradition, the wisdom, the intention for a better world have been and are being transmitted through the ages and carried into the world by the bravest spirits and the most revolutionary minds. The Waldzell Leadership Institute offers a platform for those leaders of our society, who are ready and willing to undergo a deep personal transformation in order to carry those eternal teachings on and bring them to a fruitful application in our modern world.