Ali Raza Khan


YES Network Pakistan
Ali is from Lahore, Pakistan, where he earned his BA and Masters in Political Science. He also holds a one-year diploma in filmmaking from GNN in Montreal and has completed one-year MA program in community organizing and development in McGill University. He is the founder and director of Pakistan National Youth Service, has a lifelong devotion to empower every young person in Pakistan to make significant contributions to their own lives and to revitalization of their communities. He has travelled widely and participated in many international programs ad activities.

YES Network Pakistan
Ali’s vision is “Youth as the solution not the problem.” His driving force is “Action without vision is pointless, vision without action is fruitless, and it could lead to great things.” His checklist for change includes “developing the confidence, skills, and clear action” to empower youth and achieve results. He is committed to innovation and consistently seeks to pioneer new and cost-effective strategies, models and implementation methods that result in solution based youth movements. He believes that creative ideas are needed to resolve problems that continue to plague young people. His model of working with youth is gaining increasing support internationally as a vibrant alterative for at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

He is the founder and president of YES Network Pakistan. He has developed modules and materials to mobilize young people of his country to constructive action and has set up many small youth groups throughout Pakistan for collective and self-help actions. He implements his projects in underprivileged rural areas all over the country. He has provided inspiration and vision to large number of young people across country. He has a vast experience of working with youth, an experience filled with change and challenge, visioning, planning and program development, innovative and social action initiatives, and much cooperative exciting work both within and outside the country. He has extensive experience in conceptualizing, designing and successfully implementing youth development programs.

He has played a pioneer role in designing and implementing first-ever youth service and sexual reproductive health programs for under-served and at-risk youth. He takes a very innovative, pro-active and integrative approach to youth involvement as a way to meet the high service needs of the society and to head-off violence and crime from the society. He is very instrumental in reaching out to hard-to-reach and socially excluded young girls and women living in under-resourced and victimized environments. His strategies have contributed immensely in creating local women champions and leaders in many of the low-income communities. With his team of youth service volunteers, Ali Khan has established over 150 female multi-functional learning centers in various parts of Pakistan including border areas where there is hardly any opportunities and infrastructure for the promotion and protections of human rights of women and girl children. These centers have already provided a wide range of services to over 6,000 young girls and women. He continuously seeks new opportunities and tools to empower disadvantaged girls, children, and women.