Architects of the Future

The Architects of the Future are a worldwide community of young and inspired social entrepreneurs who realize their wish for AoF 2012_kla different world by bringing successful social businesses to life. The architects are examples for a new generation of entrepreneurs driven by the wish to serve their communities and to work for a better world. In this way they are inspiring rolemodels for all those who are aiming for a meaningful and productive life.

The Architects concentrate their work on social and ecological problems and help finding solutions where economy and politics have none. Waldzell and the Architects of the Future work hand in hand for a conscious economy that is moved and inspired by the wish for a continuous inner and outer progress of humanity, based on social harmony and sustainability.

The heart of the AOF Initiative is the connection of inner and outer work. As a community of entrepreneurs the Architects want to build a bridge between spiritual aspiration and social activism in the field of economy. They embody an attitude that wants to express that changing the world starts with changing one’s own inner being and attitude.