“Our basic challenge is stress, vitality is a universal gift of consciousness, caliber and strength.”

There are 4 aspects that describe the crossing points in which a leader either fails or becomes a truly successful leader:

  1. Dealing with the huge amount of information a leader is exposed to, avoiding burn-out
  2. Administrating growing perception and sensitivity through consciousness, retaining impulsive reactions
  3. Managing the multiple and frequent stressors, at the same time keep being relaxed and alert, instead of reacting with compulsive behavior
  4. Containing the intensity and quantity of relationships, avoiding the nervous system to collapse

We know the attitude and technology to transfer the stress load to the proper physical and energetic systems so they can be dealt with. Thus one becomes able to go over what generally is believed to be possible.

Experience a weekend-retreat of selected, refined techniques of the millennia-old approved Kundalini tradition. Find a point of stillness in yourself, which you can access any moment and acquire the capacity to recharge yourself in just a few minutes. Bring back home essential know-how for your demanding task as a leader.

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The Waldzell Leadership Institute

The Waldzell Meetings established a platform for visionaries who deal with questions beyond our daily-life concerns to develop a more holistic view of the world. The Waldzell Leadership Institute translates this idea in concrete programs for leaders and corporations.
We are pioneers in delivering an ancient science which provides lifestyle, technology and strategies to be able to navigate successfully through the demanding life of a leader in difficult times.