Meeting 2008

The time is now

Meeting 2008The Waldzell Meeting 2008 dealt on one hand with the questions of today’s challenges of the environmental, economic and social crisis, and on the other hand the desire of personal development, happiness and fulfilment. Solutions can be found in an individual and collective consciousness-increase with in context to innovation and new business strategies based on fairness and sustainability.

Some core statements of the Waldzell Meeting 2008:

  • The quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our questions.
  • We can change our genetic expression–we are not fixed–life is controlled by the outside, each one of us has different receptors to reach our environment – we are not victims, we are masters of our genetics, we are free to create everything.
  • Consciousness is fundamental, it influences all.
  • Architects of the Future are a great enrichment – we could develop an overall strategy on how they can progress.
  • Reality is a great lesson.
  • We cannot find God anywhere outside of our selves.
  • Absolute tolerance for race and gender.
  • Please find a summary of the Waldzell Meeting 2008 at the official Homepage of the Journalists of the Future.