Waldzell addresses people who have realized that, because of our traditional points of view, we will be unable to solve the problems we are confronted with and who want to free themselves from the obstructive chains applied in their past in order to be open for a new story. It encourages an authentic dialogue that comes from the heart, takes place in the here and now, is inquiring and brave and in line with our current zeitgeist.

Waldzell attracts creative minds who strive to combine the wisdom of spiritual teachings and the accuracy of the sciences, in order to find the way back to their natural wholeness; constantly keeping in view their practical relevance to people’s lives. Neither does Waldzell teach philosophy nor religion but how to integrate rationality into the feeling of genuine solidarity, which actually is the idea that underlies every veritable philosophy and religion. By connecting mind and soul with our heart’s energy we do not intend – as Hesse put it – “to flee from the vita activa to the vita contemplativa, nor vice versa, but to keep moving forward while alternating between the two, being at home in both”.