Laurent S. Labourmène

Laurent S. Labourmène is a French-born, Australian-raised international award winning social entrepreneur. Early in his career Laurent was a member of Deakin University’s Faculty of Arts, School of International and Political Studies, where he served as an Associate Lecturer in International Relations. Laurent has since worked for the UN Task Force at UNESCO in Paris, facilitating trainings for the International Year for the Culture of Peace and the International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence. He then led capacity building initiatives for the UN in NYC which included initiating and coordinating a landmark international summit for emerging leaders for the UN Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders. Laurent later co-founded and led the SHIFT Foundation (2002-2007), an international foundation for young global leaders aged 18 to 40.  Laurent is a Fellow of the Global Dialogue Institute, an international forum that promotes dialogue on global issues in the broadest and deepest sense amongst opinion shapers. He is also a member of the Intergenerational Advisory Council for Global Passageways, an international institute which fosters the study and promotion of rites of passage in the 21st Century. Laurent’s work and personal story has been featured in various interviews and book publications including the soon to be released international feature documentary, CHANGE, by award winning film director, Dave Ohana.  He is also one of 5 “remarkable people” interviewed in the December 2007 edition of “Dumbo Feather, Pass it On”. Laurent’s essay, “The Waldzell Moment”, is featured as a chapter in the newly published book by Robert Rabbin, “RealTime Speaking: You Are the Message”.