Lisa Heydlauff


Going to School, Be! an Entrepreneur
BE! is a multimedia project to inspire young people in India from low-income groups to create businesses that solve the social, economic, and environmental problems they face in their lives. Currently, the educational system in India does not “teach” entrepreneurial skills, education is not relevant to children’s lives and children’s media has yet to offer stories that credibly communicate the message of self-help and income generation. BE! media gives children the entrepreneurial skills they need to fulfill their potential. Its target audience is children aged 9 to 14 from low-income groups who attend government schools across India, and are at risk from dropping out of school.

BE! media will inspire children to identify opportunities in the difficulties they face everyday and will give children the tools, skills and information to begin to create new businesses to change their lives: the program envisages 50 storybooks with an integrated idea-generating curriculum, a 13-part movie and 30-part radio series.