Martin Kirchner


Eco-Village Community
Martin is committed in many ways to making society a friendlier place to live in. He works for various educational NGOs as a speaker and advisor. Being a computer scientist, he also develops environmental-management software for industry.

For many years, he has worked on materializing what is his all-encompassing vision of cultural and creative communities meant to inspire society as positive role models. He is currently in the process of creating the model of a socio-ecological residential estate in Lower Austria. He was active in the Global Ecovillage Network (continuing to be a board member of GEN-Europe) and is a co-founder of AustroTopia, the Austrian Network for Living in Community. Martin trained as a panel moderator, systemic business coach, business trainer and trainer for non-violent communication. Martin has organized and directed coaching seminars and trained trainers in project management. Since early 2007 he has been cooperating with Georg Schön (an Architect of the Future of 2006) in developing a holistic educational organization for social entrepreneurs in Austria, the Changemaker Academy (which will be online at as from late September).

On Waldzell 2005
I have taken with me the power of the group of the 18 young talented, motivated and hearty people who dedicate their lives to creating a future they want. We still keep in contact and help each other, e.g., I made a website for Colins’ project. I have taken with me the confirmation that I am “on the right track,” that I have a very clear picture of blueprints of a future with meaning and am incorporating these in my life. And that I have a lot to share – I have learned so much about solutions, seen so many hopeful projects and I think so many people have a need for positive visions – so: I feel much more self-confident in what I am doing. There were so many memorable moments, therefore I name just a few: When Paulo Coelho talked about his vision for the world in 2050, because I share his vision in many respects.

When Craig Venter was sharing his impressions of sailing the polluted, emptied oceans and said “Not changing is not an option.” When Paulo Coelho explained how to follow the rules before breaking them. And how he broke it playing dictator in the Sunday afternoon session. The beautiful evening in the church and the voice of the Tibetan woman.