Review AoF Retreat 2011


The network of the „Architects of the Future“ already counts more than 70 social entrepreneurs. Beginning of November further 8 young, inspired entrepreneurs were awarded for their dedication and were welcomed to the community of the Architects of the Future.

5 days and 4 nights they spent together. Accompanied and leaded by carefully selected specialists they dealt with their history and their direction as well as with their inner strength and spirituality. They got to know each other, shared their knowledge, their experiences and their wisdom and inspired, strengthened and quickened each other. Moreover there was time for precious exchange with former Architects and Ashoka Globalizers, respectively.

Taking each one’s lifework to the Waldzell Collection in the Melk Abey, was again a special highlight. Together with Padre Martin’s dinner invitation to the „secret“ cellar of Melk Abey, where usually only illustrious people like Paulo Coelho are welcomed, the whole became an unforgettable event.

After those intense days the new Architects of the Future returned to their country or to the home country of their initiatives, encouraged by esteem and time for harking back to one self’s being, enriched by new companions, quickened by common dreams and plans….

Please follow the link to learn more about those special people and their initiatives.

Some voices to this year’s retreat:

” very challenging. truly inspiring. extremely motivating. one of the most enriching times of my life. thank you so much. “ (Philipp Schöffmann, AoF 2011)
“The real value of the AoF network is in the meaningful connections of wonderful people, people sharing solid intentions with concrete actions” (Hermes A. N Arriaga Sierra, AoF 2011)

“To participate in AoF 2011 is very inspiring and meaningful to look inside my life, to question what ‘s the meaning of life and to gain more spiritual power from within  through the program of retreat, dialogues and leadership training, is also connect us, architects, to know each other and support each other, I feel from now on the step forward of my life is open to all possibility to learn to appreciate to creative from within, thank you very much AoF and all the people who be apart of AoF.” (Chawanad Luansang , AoF 2011)