Waldzell School of Yoga

The Yoga School for Self-Knowledge, Spiritual Development and Self-Mastery

The Waldzell School of Yoga provides training and education for people who strive for more meaning and fulfilment in their lives. The courses offer the insights of the millennia-old wisdom of yoga in an up-to-date educational format with the aim to make them accessible for western people. The Waldzell School of Yoga stands for an approach that combines practical and pragmatic issues with in-depth spiritual knowledge. In particular, we emphasize in our training and education the aspect of self-knowledge and spiritual development of the individual.

The Vision

The vision of the Waldzell School of Yoga is to offer the comprehensive knowledge and proven techniques of yoga for the benefit of people and thus to contribute to the further development of the individual and the society. The Waldzell School of Yoga sees itself as a mediator that crystallizes the jewels of yoga and makes them accessible for modern western people. We are convinced that a renewal of our economy and society can take place through the spiritual development of the individual.

The Waldzell School of Yoga is a partner of the Yoga Academy YOGA VEDA.