William E. Strickland


American, President and CEO Manchester Bidwell Corporation.

Bill Strickland was born in Pittsburgh. He is one of the world’s great social innovators. As president of both the Manchester Craftsmen’s
Guild (MCG) and the Bidwell Training Center (BTC), located on Pittsburgh’s gritty north side just down the street from where he grew
up, Strickland has created a youth development and adult training center like no other – in both approach and results, a combination
craftsmen’s guild, training center and (completely amazing) school. The school comes complete with a sound stage and record label that has won numerous Grammys for the music recorded there as friendly favours from jazz legends to Bill and his students. The 10-million-dollar-a-year enterprise offers after-school and summer programs for hundreds of middle and secondary school students and year-round vocational training for adults. Bill Strickland’s message – give people the tools they need, treat them with respect, and they will perform miraculous deeds – is as simple as it is profound.

Bill Strickland has been honored with numerous prestigious awards for his contributions to the arts and the community; i.e., the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Arts Leadership and Service Award, the Kilby Award, the “Coming Up Taller” and the Mac Arthur “Genius” Award for Leadership and Integrity in the Art.