The human consciousness evolution grows progressively and proportionally as his physiology and physical structure does. In the past we followed a didactic way that was taking in consideration the intellectual process of understanding. So the topics were delivered vertically from bottom to top or vice versa or horizontally from left to right. The first way followed more a sense of space, the second more a sense of time. But time and space challenge the human in unison, so the effective way to teach and train is diagonally, taking in consideration human consciousness and energy.

That is why we put the topics in a vertical order using 3 columns, so that we can understand the content and order horizontally, but we want to experience them diagonally. Mixing and matching to integrate them coherently as an experience, as life is, not theoretically, intellectually and separately. That`s the model of an inner education for a methodological progression of the self in the age, which we just entered: The Aquarian Age.


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